2024 Legislative Session Review: Military & Veteran Edition

In News by Taylor Ricks

After an intense six weeks and the consideration of 591 bills, the 2024 legislative session has concluded. We sincerely thank you for accompanying us through this legislative journey, and we eagerly anticipate next year's session. Here’s a recap of the key military and veteran-related bills that were passed, impacting our community positively.


  • SB 108 – Veteran Access to State Parks - Sponsored by Senator Karen Kwan and Representative Matthew Gwynn
    • This bill initiates a one-year pilot program granting limited free access to state parks for veterans holding an Interagency Military-Lifetime Pass and residing in the state.
  • HB 44S1 – Social Work License Compact - Sponsored by Representative Sandra Hollins and Senator Todd Weiler
    • Enacts a compact for social work licensure, facilitating the professional mobility of social workers
  • HB 210S2 – Disabled Veterans Parking Amendments - Sponsored by Representative Ashlee Matthews and Senator Wayne Harper
    • Enables eligible individuals with disabilities to obtain permanent disability special group license plates or removable windshield placards.
  • HCR 503 – Nursing Care Facility Amendments - Sponsored by Representative Jefferson Burton and Senator Michael McKell
    • Modifies Medicaid rules affecting nursing care facilities, particularly for state-owned veterans nursing homes.
  • HCR 12 – Employer Disclosure for Veterans - Sponsored by Representative Gay Lynn Bennion and Senator Todd Weiler
    • Encourages employers to display a poster outlining benefits and services available to military personnel, veterans, and their families.



  • HB 245 – Utah National Guard Amendments - Sponsored by Representative Jefferson Burton and Senator Heidi Balderree
    • Affirms employment preference for service members and their spouses, and provides USERRA protections at the state level.
  • HB 117S1 – Wind Energy Siting Amendments -Sponsored by Representative Jefferson Burton and Senator Ann Millner
    • Mandates preconstruction design submissions for wind energy facilities to aviation and defense authorities.



  • Ongoing support for the Military and Veterans Family Programs manager and the expansion of Counselors for Military School Children.
  • One-time funding allocations include $1.15 million for the Air Mobility Center of Excellence, $500,000 for the Best Defense Foundation, and additional funds for veteran-related initiatives and celebrations.